Digital Media Marketing

With over 72% of all internet users active on Social Media, can you really afford to miss out? We help you better understand how to use Social Media and other digital avenues to promote your business more effectively. We can work with you and your marketing team as consultants and help develop your Digital Marketing Strategy and help manage your Social Media Presence and Campaigns as well.

Social Media Consultancy

There are over 1.35 billion users on Facebook and a very small percentage of companies are using Social Media effectively to promote their business. With our Social Media Consultancy we help you go beyond simply creating a few social media posts. We understand your larger marketing strategy, your brand image, the products and services on offer, your target audience and create a Social Media Strategy to help engage your target audience effectively.

Social Media Campaigns

Marketing is one of the most crucial activities in business. Attracting and maintaining a large user-base is crucial to fuel your business success. We help brands develop their social media strategy and design viral campaigns and apps people want to interact with and share with your target audiance. Most importantly, our viral strategies focus on measurable results, whether that’s driving traffic, awareness or direct revenue.

Facebook App Development

Facebook apps are a great way to help your users connect with your business. Facebook Apps can be used as part of a larger Social Media Campaign to help promote the Campaign with shares and re-engagement or as a way to allow users to interact with your website or business goals without having to leave Facebook, thereby significantly increasing user engagement.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Google AdWords, FacebookAds, Sponsored Posts etc. are some of the buzzwords of Pay Per Click advertising (PPC). Using them isn’t rocket science. But some research and planning can help leverage the same tools more effectively. We help use PPC more effectively as a part of your larger Digital Media Strategy to help further your Marketing Goals.

Web Mailers & Newsletters

Well designed Web Mailers and Newsletters with an effective call to action are a great way to re-engage existing customers or reach out to new ones. Besides customized Web Mailers, Newsletter content can be partially or completely auto generated from the website with link backs to your website for user engagement. We could can provide you with customized mass mailing solutions or help you use third party solutions via APIs such as Mail Chimp API.